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In the media

In the media: Business Class

At Business Class

Hof van Salland is a regular guest at Business Class. A common theme in these segments is buying a recreation villa at Hof van Salland. Through the pictures below, you can watch the latest episodes.

Family business

Hof van Salland is the project of the Smeets family. Patricia: "Distincive for Hof van Salland is the personal approach, not only to guests but also to owners. Because our villas provide plenty of opportunities for customization, we have a lot of contact with different owners. Naturally during the preparation and construction phase, but we also remain involved after the completion of a house."

Proven concept

Hof van Salland is a small-scale park with space for up to 129 homes. Approximately 70 homes have now been realized. Our offering consists of different types of homes, tailored to the needs of guests and owners. All villas are built on private plots, the lots range from 300 to 1100 m2. Patricia: "The homes are maintenance-friendly and of high quality. You can see this in the use of materials, such as stone and inland oak. In the home itself we provide luxury facilities such as a sauna, Sunshower and Whirlpool. We also have Wi-Fi through a fiber optic connection and Smart TVs, with which we continue to respond to future technological developments."

Investment opportunities

Due to the low interest rates and the fluctuations of the stock market you might be searching for an alternative for your capital. At Hof van Salland you will find an excellent property investment, with several possibilities in terms of rental and returns. A tangible investment that you can also enjoy for yourself.


Here you can view the clip of Sunday 25 March 2018:

Hof van Salland at Business Class on March 25, 2018

Watch the fragment from Sunday, February 12th, 2017:

Fragment episode Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at Business Class.