In addition to your personal preferences for the type of villa you choose at Hof van Salland, there are two other important aspect that come into play when buying a villa.


Hof van Salland Park Management is the rental organization at Hof van Salland. You can track the rent of your villa fully. Via a personal login code in the reservation system, you will always be able to view how the rental process is going, as well as have the possibility of blocking the villa from being rented out for your own use. In order to realize as high an occupancy of your villa as possible, Hof van Salland Park Management utilizes renowned tour operators in addition to its own booking channel. This ensures you will not have to rely on a single party when it comes to the revenue of your villa, but that reservations will come in via various channels.

The distribution of the rental fees is as below:
- 70% of the rent is for you as owner of the villa
- 30% is for the realization of the reservation, marketing costs, tour operator provision, checking in and out of the guests as well as administrative processing.
Every month, you will receive your share of the realized rental fees of your villa.
The reservation system works through a priority management system. This system automatically ensures equal distribution of the reservations, so that all villas get put on offer as much as possible with equal revenue for all villas as a goal. Naturally, the reservations can be positively influenced by preferential reservations and, of course, by bringing in guests yourself. If you make your villa available for rent year round, you will be able to enjoy an attractive revenue.
Ask us about our forecasts.


Whether you buy from box 3 or from your enterprise, the tax authorities offer you the chance to be reimbursed fully for the revenue tax which is charged over the purchase price. To qualify, the intention must be for the villa to be available for rent and that 6% VAT will be paid by you of the rental fees you will receive. The revision is set for 10 years. Often, it is possible to make use of the KOR, which will result in reduction or a waiver.

Ask about our detailed information about the fiscal (friendly) treatment regarding the purchase of a holiday home.

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