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Investing in a holiday home

Investing in a holiday home

  • Stable value investment
  • Attractive returns
  • Alternative to saving

Investing in a holiday home in Overijssel

Are you looking for a stable investment? Then you've come to the right place: Hof van Salland. You can invest in a holiday home at our luxury holiday resort in Hellendoorn. Hof van Salland provides you with a solid alternative to traditional (bank) saving. Indeed, at holiday resort Hof van Salland you have, besides a stable value investment, a recreational home with excellent rental possibilities. The high rating of a 9+ and the fact that Hof van Salland has been deemed one of the best holiday resorts in the Netherlands for 9 years in a row, make it a popular holiday location for tourists from both home and abroad.


Investing in a holiday home

If you want to invest in a holiday home, then you are in luck. Hof van Salland has a wide choice of luxury holiday villas with several options in terms of their returns and rental possibilities. One thing is for sure, you are investing in a holiday home that is built with durable materials and equipped with contemporary conveniences and luxurious facilities. At our resort there are holiday homes for sale that can accommodate 4, 6 or even 20 people. Moreover, some homes are even equipped with luxury spa facilities, such as a traditional sauna, sun shower, and a whirlpool.

Why should you invest in a holiday home?

Investing in a holiday home is an excellent way to make a return on your capital. Nowadays it is seen as a alternative to bank savings, especially now that the savings interest is almost zero or in some cases even negative. The big advantage of investing in a holiday home in an attractive location, is the increase in value of the property. Furthermore, if you choose to rent out the property, your investment will yield an attractive return.


Investing with a nice return

The stylish villas at Hof Salland are perfect for renting out. The holiday resort has been rated as one of the best in the Netherlands, and with its location in the unique holiday region of Salland it is an attractive holiday destination. By renting out a holiday home, you can create an attractive return on your investment. Of course, you don't have to worry about renting out the holiday home yourself. Our professional rental organization will take care of the management and maintenance of your holiday home. This way you can enjoy your investment with complete peace of mind. You will always keep control and access to your holiday home through direct contact with our rental organization.

Are you curious about the possibilities of investing in a holiday home or investing in recreational real estate at Hof van Salland? We are happy to help you with tailored advice. Please schedule an appointment for a visit on location, or call our adviser.


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